As I took my Synthroid this morning, I realized it has been 11 years since my thyroidectomy.  Another anniversary of being a cancer survivor.  As time goes on, I don’t think about it as often.  I’m not surviving, I’m thriving.  I’m mindful not to sit in fear because life is too short.

Having cancer was the start of a new chapter, it gave me the ability to really understand how precious each day is on this earth.  I found more faith and strength than I knew was possible.  I was reminded how material things and stuff don’t really matter.  Having family and friends, making memories together, showing up for one another, loving and supporting one another and lots of laughing through it all is what is most important.  Each day, when I take my Synthroid, I’m grateful for my health and another day to thrive.

Don’t give up.  Keep pushing forward.  Ask for help.  Let people know how you’re feeling.  Find a support group.  You’re not alone.  Survive and thrive.