Summer is almost over. (frown) The back to school bug is in the air.  September is just around the corner.  You know what that means? Yep. You got it.  Thyroid Cancer Awareness month is almost here.  So I’m taking a moment to be proactive and get this virtual pep rally going!

Let me start by giving you some of the history behind Thyroid Cancer Awareness month.  According to the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association (ThyCa), “Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month is a worldwide observance, sponsored and initiated by ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association. It began in 2000, as a week in September. In 2003, it expanded to the whole month of September…Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month promotes thyroid cancer awareness for early detection, as well as care based on expert standards, and increased research to achieve cures for all thyroid cancer. People and organizations in 55 countries around the world take part.

As a thyroid cancer survivor, I am on a mission to spread awareness and do my part to help others.  This blog gets the word out about thyroid cancer, cancer survivorship and more.   Are you playing a part to spread awareness?  If you need some tips, take a look at ThyCa’s 10 Tips on How to Help.


When I was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October 2008,  I started doing research on the internet.  It didn’t take long before I was totally overwhelmed!  There were so many horror stories, unreliable sites and negative blogs about thyroid cancer.  All that stuff was bringing me down. So I did something about it.   I started this blog to bring the cancer community together by sharing hope, spreading awareness and information about thyroid cancer.  These are all good things for sure. 😉

Through my research and net surfing, I came across the site for ThyCa (Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association).  It is one of the best resources that I have found for people diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  There is a range of  information and resources for people who are touched by thyroid cancer in some way. 

I definitely recommend getting involved with one of the local ThyCa support groups at  I went to my first ThyCa meeting in November 2009 and met a wonderful group of people that really understood how I felt, what I was going through and what it was like to be a thyroid cancer survivor.  It was also amazing to share my experience with other ThyCa members that were just starting on their journey.  Thyroid cancer brought all of us together and ThyCa support meetings give us the chance to help one another. 

I’m writing this post to remind everyone touched by thyroid cancer that there are good resources like ThyCa out there.  So don’t get discouraged. (Easier said than done at times, I know.) You are not alone on this ThyCa journey.  Hold on to hope and reach out for help!