Well this last month has been quite a dilly. I had a non small cell cancer in my right lung removed in 1996. This was done at UCSF and it was very successful.  I live in So.Calif. and have a Lung Specialist in Newport Beach, Ca. I don’t know where you live so I don’t know if you are familiar with California. Long story short, My Dr. in Newport Beach and I have been watching some GROUNDGLASS in both my lungs. There seems to be a change in one of the masses in my left lung. For the last month I have been getting tests and scans and more Drs. reports and the Lung Specialist and a Surgeon he recommended said the mass was cancer and had to come out. Yesterday, I saw the PET SCAN. The mass in question did not light up nor did it glow in the dark. Hense, I along with my Primary Care Doctor decided not to do any surgery but wait and see if anything will change. I am going to just do life as usual and move forward. I will send the reports to my Drs. at UCSF and wait for their ideas. I start a new job in two weeks and this will be my fear focus for now.


One Response to “Randi Kennedy’s Story”

  1. cindy olmos Says:

    I don’t know you, but I hope your test come back fine once UCSF reviews them, you are in my prayers.

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