Cancer SURVIVOR - The Journey

Created by a cancer survivor. Dedicated to those touched by cancer directly and indirectly.

Cancer SURVIVOR Stories

As cancer survivors, we all have our own stories based on our personal experience with cancer.  Through my cancer diagnosis, treatment, battle and follow-up tests,  it has been very healing to share my story through posts on this blog.  And I know that there are so many other stories out there to be shared.  With that in mind, I created this “Cancer SURVIVOR Stories” sub-page of the blog for other cancer survivors to share their stories.

I am a cancer SURVIVOR!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Guest Bloggers for sharing their Cancer SURVIVOR Stories:

Jacqui’s ThyCa Survivor Story

Cindy Thompson’s Survivor Story

Randi Kennedy’s Survivor Story

Robin Cambridge’s Survivor Story

Kairol Rosenthal’s Survivor Story

Jenny’s Survivor Story

Anna Warner’s Survivor Story

Gloria’s Survivor Story

Share YOUR Cancer Survivor Story! I am always looking for stories to add to this section of the blog.  If you are a cancer survivor who would like to be a guest writer and share your story, please click her to email me and be sure to put “Cancer Survivor Stories” in the subject line.

2 thoughts on “Cancer SURVIVOR Stories

  1. I am three years post, thyroidectomy, RAI, and a second surgery removing 38 lymph nodes for papillary carcinoma. For whatever reason, the good cancer did not want to be good for me and RAI was a waste of time. Having said that, I am alive and scanning every year for good health. I have 2 tiny positive lymph nodes that the doc keeps an eye on. They are too small for the naked eye and therefore cannot be removed yet. The RAI jump started an already slow simmering, autoimmune disease and I have been diagnosed with undefined connective tissue disease. It has been a long and eventful journey but wierdly, I wouldn’t trade it in for a better one. Being a cancer survivor myself, primed me for my little sister’s recent battle with invasive breast cancer. I clean for her once a week, take her eleven year old daughter for outings or sleep overs and I have organized a “meals on wheels” program for her family. Without question, I would not have known how to help her or what she needed the most, had I not gone through my own cancer experience. I am grateful for what I have learned and realize, we are not our bodies. I operate mostly on a spiritual level now. I don’t worry about money, yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Today is where it’s at! I live better, love better and don’t sweat the small stuff. I used to be terrified of death. I’m not anymore, I know it leads to somewhere great and we are meant to just visit here. When it is time to leave this, hurtin’ body behind, I won’t mind one bit. The good stuff is on the inside anyway!

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