Cancer SURVIVOR - The Journey

Created by a cancer survivor. Dedicated to those touched by cancer directly and indirectly.

Jenny’s Cancer Survivor Story

As a kid I can remember joking with my grandmother, about goiters.  I thought the word was funny.  And now 30 years later who would a thought that was the one thing that would change me forever.  I first noticed my Goiter in 2006 my life was very crazy at that time, mother of three trying to run my own business, ( no medical insurance) .
So I let it go just pretended it was nothing.
Well after about a year it got to the point were I couldn’t even breathe when I laid down, not to mention sudden weight gain, swelling, fatigue. Even when I barely ate and exercised all the time. Needless to say I got to a doctor. Now he was just a general practitioner,  so he did blood work and did feel a nodule on my neck.  He referred me to an endocrinologist. At this point I still had no insurance and none of the endocrinologists would see me.  So another year goes by. I decided I had to get some insurance, so I lied on my kaiser application, and with in two months I was in an endocrinologist office getting a biopsy. Ouch that is something I’ll never forget.  I have had three natural child births. Yet still those needles in my neck were unbearable.  My tests came back uncertain so. I had a partial thyroidectomy. I thought few I’m in the clear. My surgeon said that every thing looked good, and he didn’t think it was cancer.
When I was just starting to get my life back to normal, I get the cal . They had received the actual results back from pathology. It was two types of cancer cells found and I would need a second surgery and have the RAI treatment. That was the summer of 2009. Now I’m still recovering from the treatment I have never felt the same since. I still can’t lose weight and I have chest pain all the time. To top it off I went to have my thyrogen injection last Monday to continue my annual scan, and I had an allergic reaction to it. So instead I have to go hypothyroid for 4 weeks. I try to stay positive and meditate often, I feel like my cancer is gone. I pray we find a better way to treat cancer soon. That’s my story, and I’m still going.

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