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Robin Cambridge’s Survivor Story

Hi my name is Robin Cambridge. I wanted to share my story with you and would like to hear your story if you had thyroid cancer, I also would like to know if you would like to be friends, I think it helps to talk to each other about what each other has gone thru I know it helps me and if I can help someone else feel better I enjoy doing that, this is my story: I was diagnosed in 2005 with thyroid cancer, I had a nodule about the size of a golf ball on my thyroid and it moved around. The first surgeon I went to told me that it was 90% cancer free, he didn’t want to do a biopsy he just wanted to take it out because of where it was. I didn’t care for him that much, so I got a second opinion and glad i did, the second surgeon did a biopsy the time of my appointment when I first saw him which was cool, the nodule collapsed and he said it has more liquid than tissue, so he sent it off to be analysed and came back 3 days later and it was positive for cancer. I was crying and scared but I also knew that it could be treated. So they scheduled me for surgery 3-weeks later, and he took the entire thyroid gland out and 4 lymph nodes, I had a lesion on the other side of my thyroid that you couldn’t feel yet just see on an ultrasound, the lymph nodes and lesion were cancer free so that was good. Surgery went great.


In fact the doctor got everything. Now i had to go off my medication for 3-6 weeks so that if there was cancer that it show up, it was a miserable thing to go off my medication my tsh level in 6 weeks was 99.0 I was so extremely sluggish and tired, hardly functioning, So it was time to have the body scan, the same day i was able to get my results which was cool, my oncologist told me that my surgeon had gotten everything there was nothing there to kill with RAI, So I dodged a huge bullet not having the RAI I was so happy, you would not believe how much. I just recently had a body scan in sept of 08′ it was clear and have been in remission for 5 years now. You know even though thyroid cancer is curable it still is pretty scary to have to deal with it, people who have never dealt with something like this they have no idea how scary it can really be.

10 thoughts on “Robin Cambridge’s Survivor Story

  1. Hello, how are you doing?
    I was diagnosed with thyroid. cancer 4 days ago
    and I don’t even know what kind yet. But I’m so so scared

  2. Hi Robin,

    Am happy to heard from you your stories. I was diagnosed of papillary thyroid ca last August 2009 and they took all my thyroid gland and the result prognosis was great ” god is good” praise to him. but i still had the radio therapy and have had full body scan again and its negative thanks to god again. my question is what dosage do you have today of thyroxine mine was 200 mcgrm. and am comfortable of it. please tell me how you go along what did your endocrinenologist told you . thanks hope to hear from you soon.
    god bless!!


  3. Hello Fellow Thyroid Cancer Survivors-
    I was first diagnosed with papillary thyroid CA with lymph node involvement in the right side of my neck in 1995. Had a right neck dissection & thyroidectomy( 6 hour surgery) followed with RAI. I felt horrible for at least 2 years. I had a sore throat, chronic sinusitis, and fatique for about 15 years before I was FINALLY diagnosed- it’s a long story.
    I had nodal mapping last month and some suspicious lymph nodes were found . I am on an iodine free diet and will have another thyroid scan & PET scan the end of July. Hopefully, it will be a nothing. I sympathize with all of you thyroid cancer victims. I really don’t think people realize how long it takes to get results and treatment and that it’s never really over. I have been going to my endocrinologist every 6 months for 16 years.
    I am grateful to be here, but I just wanted to vent to someone that gets it.
    Thanks for sharing your stories.

  4. Hi Robin, thank you so much for sharing your story!!! Yes i want to be friends : ) I am still in the midst of finding out if my nodule is cancer or not. I am scared but i have great faith in God and have a lot of ppl that support me. But there is nothing better than comunicating with somebody that knows excactly what you are going thru!!! I have my biopsy this tuesday morning and am very nervoes about it. I would be excidet to hear back from you!!! Thank you, Sincerely Peggy : )

    1. Hi Peggy, It looks like I am just a step ahead of you my biopsy results came back “indeterminate” so I am still uncertain whether my nodule is cancerous or not. I am booked in with a surgeon in 10 days to go over my options.
      How did your biopsy go? Have you received your results yet? Fingers crossed you got/get good news.
      Aimie 🙂

      1. Hi Karen,
        The Surgeon gave me the option of waiting three months and doing the ultrasound FNA again, which I could get a “indeterminate” result again or going straight into surgery and having the nodule and left half of my thyroid removed and pathology done. I opted for the surgery on July 11, 2012. After getting a positive result for Papillary Thyroid cancer, I went back in on July 19, 2012 to have the rest of my thyroid removed.
        I had RAI in the September of 2012.
        My last round of tests came were clear. I’m due the best round of tests this September, fingers crossed for similar results.

  5. Hi I was diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer in Dec it’s in the middle of my thyrois so they are going to remove the left lobe and the middle I go at the end of May.
    Pretty nervous for this surgery but I just want it out!! It’s less than 1 cm and I did have a biopsy 5 years ago and it wasn’t cancerouse well now it is. I really hope it hasn;t spread and I hope everything goes well. Great for you being 5 years cancer free that is wonderful!! Congrats and thx for sharing your story.

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