It can never hurt to get a second opinion.  Especially when it comes to our health.  After my thyroidectomy in 2009, I realized an Endocrinologist was going part of my life as long as we both shall live.  Having my thyroid levels checked has become routine.  The last few times I’ve gone, I felt like it might be time to do some research and see what another Endo had to say.  One of the lessons I have learned through this journey is that I am the biggest advocate for my health.  It is my responsibility to make sure I am receiving the best healthcare available.

I found another Endo and they had a 3 month wait.  That was fine because I still had an upcoming appointment with my current Endo.  The question was whether I should tell him I was going to see another Endo or not say anything.  How uncomfortable.  I went and decided not to say anything.  Then I found myself being really nice to him because I felt bad.  What is up with that?!  I also started questioning why I had made the other appointment because my current Endo is very good.

I went to the other Endo today.  I really liked her.  She listened and took notes.  I felt heard and she made a good first impression.  But this was our first appointment.  Was she just putting on a good first appointment impression?  Would she seem to care as much the second time?

I was proud of myself for taking action and going to get a secENDO opinion.  I need to follow up and send her my latest scans and lab results.  Regardless if I go back to her again or not, she told me I was welcome to send her results for review.