Over the years I’ve shared about my journey from being diagnosed with cancer, the surgery, medical visits, treatment, follow-up visits, remission and more.  It is a battle that I feel blessed to have won.  I’ve been in remission a few years now.  I haven’t blogged nearly as much as I used to.  But another big event has taken place in my life and it only seems right to share about it here with my readers!

We all know life’s a beach.  We can ride the wave or wipe out.  Build a sand castle or fall into a whole in the sand.  But you’ve got to get back up, shake the sand off and press on.  Alright, you get the point.  Back to one of the most amazing experiences of my life…

In early July, I went on our annual vacation to the beach with my family, fiance and step-daughter.  While on vacation, we decided to scrap the idea of having a traditional wedding.  Why spend months and months planning out details for a wedding?  It was stressful, time-consuming and far from enjoyable.  Instead we decided to get married during our vacation at the beach!  Say what?  Yep, that’s right.  And in three days it all came together.  We got the marriage license, flowers, officiant, photographer, rings and all!  Everything seemed to fall into place.  I even found my wedding dress 4 hours before I walked down the aisle.  That in itself is a small miracle.

After surviving cancer, I know that life can change in an instant.  In a way, the dark times in life seemed to make my wedding day brighter.  It gave me the courage to embrace my fears, appreciate love and open my heart.


Our beach wedding was magical.  When I think about it, I smile. ❤