I’m proud to report that over 10,000 people have stopped by to visit the Thyroid Cancer Survivor blog (10,047 to be exact.)  My hope is that each and every person got some helpful information, hope, motivation and encouragement.  I started this blog as a way to give back to others diagnosed, fighting or in remission from cancer and the people who love us.  And it’s really catching on which fills my heart.

THANKS to all of you for visiting, leaving comments and letting others know about your experience and this blog. Reading your comments has really given others the gift of feeling understood and not alone (including me.)  There is a lot of information on the internet about cancer that can cause more harm than good.  I like to keep my posts real, but not based on fear.  Fear feeds cancer.  I write from a place of hope and love.  And in turn, I believe my visitors respond with positive, supportive comments, which in turn helps us all.

Let’s go for 100,000 visitors!  Together we can reach this number and beyond.