Did you know this Sunday, June 6 is the 23rd annual National Cancer Survivors Day? Well I didn’t. I never even heard about it until this week.  Then again, its only been a little over a year since I became a cancer survivor.  But I’ve done some research and found out that on National Cancer Survivors Day, communities all over the United States and other countries hold events for cancer survivors and their caregivers.  So if you’re reading this before June 6, check out and see if there are any local events in your area.  If it’s after June 6, then plan ahead for next year!

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation (www.ncsdf.org) site has lots of good information about it.  I really liked their definition for a survivor, which is “anyone living with cancer—from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.” I’m so grateful to be a cancer survivor!