I admit it.  There were times after my diagnosis when I wondered if I would ever be able to enjoy life again without the word “cancer” in the back of my mind.  Then I got in touch with the power of the present moment where life happens.  The fearful thoughts about the surgery, treatment and tons of test were all part of the future.  Life happens in the now! 

Of course the thoughts about “what if…”, “when will…” and “why did I…” still popped up, but I didn’t entertain them.  Those thoughts were unwelcome visitors in my mind.  So I let them pass through and leave without giving them a reason to stay.  Instead I focus on the fact that at this moment ALL IS WELL.

Today I am a cancer SURVIVOR who is living each day to the fullest.  Sure the occasional thought about cancer still visits me.  I think once a person is diagnosed is takes a long time to fully digest the impact of the cancer experience. But the reality is that at this moment…Life is Good!