Wings of Hope – Week 10      1/31/10 – 2/6/10

*Written by our Wings of Hope Team Captain Chris Kidwell

There are only 69 days left until the Relay for Life at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland! We are still number one with a total of $2,296.00 raised, but Team SASH is quickly approaching us with a total of $2,229.43 raised. We need to ramp up our fundraising efforts quickly if we’re going to make our goal of $5,000.00
Our beautiful banner created by the very talented Angel.

Again, if you haven’t all ready, I encourage our team members to log in to their participant centers on the ACS website and start updating their personal pages for donations. There is also an application on facebook that will help you with meeting your $100 personal goals. Both of these tools will provide donators with official receipts from the American Cancer Society.
Angel McMellin is still working with Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center to secure a date for our bake sale. If you have an alternative location or want to help out, please email her at
We would like to welcome our newest team member: Samantha Kidwell.

We would like to congratulate Co-Captain Jennifer Bridge on her excellent test results. Jennifer is in remission from thyroid cancer and we couldn’t be prouder of her. She also bought her first home last week, so she has numerous reasons to celebrate her battle against cancer. We’d also like to applaud the very talented Angel McMellin for her beautiful banner that she created for the April1 16th relay.

So get out there, spread the word and help us with our fundraising goals. If you’ve all ready donated, please tell your friends and family about Wings of Hope and pass the word along. Don’t forget to visit our website at: .

Until next week,

Wings of Hope