Wings of Hope Week 9 Update
1/25/10 – 1/31/10

*Written by our Wings of Hope team captain Chris Kidwell 

There are only 76 days left until the Relay for Life at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland! After nine weeks, we are still the number one team with $2,276.00 raised. However, Team SASH is quickly closing in on us with $2,029.43 raised.

I encourage our team members to log in to their participant centers on the ACS website and start updating their personal pages for donations. There is also an application on facebook that will help you with meeting your $100 personal goals. Both of these tools will provide donators with official receipts from the American Cancer Society.

We have some exciting news this week: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center has agreed to give us the space required to host a bake sale for our team and the event! The date is still to be determined, but we are hoping for early March. Angel McMellin has been absolutely amazing in getting this event organized and we couldn’t be prouder of her efforts. She will need help with running the event and also with producing baked goods. So dust off your mixing bowls, break out your recipe books, and email her at to volunteer.

Be on the lookout for a special update once we have finalized the date and time for our bake sale.

Please keep Jennifer Bridge in your prayers and thoughts this week. On Tuesday, February 2nd, she will be receiving her latest test results from her endocrinologist. We are confident that she is still in remission and has successfully kicked cancer’s @$$, but waiting for that appointment is still nerve wracking. Good luck, Jennifer!

We shouldn’t have to live like this. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you live blood test to blood test, ultrasound to ultrasound. And even after the cancer is gone, and you’re told you’re in remission, you still live with the fear of reoccurrence every round of testing. Life is hard and stressful enough without living with constant fear of the cancer reoccurring or forming a secondary cancer.

So please, help us find a cure for cancer and put a stop to our fears.

Until next week,

Wings of Hope