Wings of Hope Weeks 5 & 6 Update         

12/26/09 – 1/10/10

*Written by out Team Captain Chris Kidwell Prestano.

Happy New Year from Wings of Hope! We hope the holidays treated you well and that the New Year will bring you all that you wish for. We are still the number one team for this event and our resolution is to continue raising money for cancer research. We have 95 days left until the race on April 16th and we are 40% of the way to reaching our goal of $5,000.00.

We would like to thank Bill Fanaras for his generous donation to our team. I had the privilege of meeting this gentleman at ThyCa’s (Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association) conference in October 2009.

We would also like to welcome our newest team member, Brian Ferrina. He is the tenth person to sign up for Wings of Hope.

Now that the holidays are over, we are going full swing into our fundraising efforts. We still need to borrow camping equipment for the relay event, so if you know anyone who has tents, sleeping bags, coolers, etc. please ask them to help us.

Angel McMellin is making progress on setting up our bake sale, so please contact her if you would like to help.

Until next week,

Wings of Hope