Wings of Hope Weeks 2 & 3 Update (12/6/09 – 12/20/09)

The following was written by Chris Prestano

If you thought our first week was exciting, wait until you read about our progress over the last 14 days! Wings of Hope is still the number 1 fundraising team for the Relay on April 16th! In only three weeks we have raised $1,803.00 for cancer research. Way to go team!

We would like to give special thanks to the following people:
• Supporters Damien Lau, Kat Caverly and Linda Santagelo
• Our anonymous supporter who generously donated $50.00 to our team.
• Team Members Rachel Markus, Lynne Bridge and Larry Bridge for their fundraising efforts.

In addition, I would to thank Co-Captain Jennifer Bridge for all of her continued hard work. Not only has she been keeping her blog up to date with our progress, but she has been incredibly busy on our facebook page and she has been recruiting team members with a vengeance!

We would like to welcome our new team members:

• Thyroid Cancer Family Members Lynne & Larry Bridge
• Supporter Christina Colley
• Supporter Mary DiMaggio
• Supporter Rachel Markus

We now have a team logo, which can be seen on both our team facebook page ( and our Relay for Life page. (, our team facebook page.  Also, our t-shirts from Dear Thyroid are on their way. Thank you again ladies!

We would like to welcome our team member Angel McMellin home. She received her radioactive iodine (RAI) 131 treatment seven days ago and it is now safe for her to be home with her family – just in time for the holidays.

We have many exciting things in the works to keep our momentum going. The very talented Angel is planning a bake sale and working on a team banner. If you would like to help with the bake sale, please contact her. I know she can take on the world, but I’m sure she’d appreciate the help.

On another note, I am sad to say that my aunt Thelma Kidwell passed away from cancer on Saturday. She battled stage four lymphoma and was in remission for five years before it returned and took her life. She will be honored with a luminaria at the April 16th event.

Remission should be permanent. And we need all the money we can get to find a cure for cancer. 

We hope the holidays find your safe and happy, but please take a moment to say a prayer for all of those whose lives have been affected by this terrible disease.

Until next week…

Wings of Hope