It’s been a couple months since I had to go to any kind of medical office for a visit, biopsy, scan or procedure.  Today, I had a follow up thyroid ultrasound done.  I don’t mind going.  It’s for my health and I’ve gone through too much to stop now. 

(Side Note:  Each time I go and lay down for a check up or procedure, I look up at the ceiling and wonder why they don’t put pictures or cool designs up there.  I mean most of the patients look up that way.  I know when I look at those white ceiling tiles, it would be really refreshing to have some kind of inspirational message or joke to lift the spirit.)

During the thyroid ultrasound, the woman doing the ultrasound took several pictures and was sliding along the warm gel from the right side of my neck to the middle and then the left. When she got to the left side of my neck she hovered over one area longer than the rest.  Then she made a mark over the spot.  I asked what it was and she said a lymph node.  She could not tell me more, but that was enough to get my mind going with thoughts of  “Oh no! What if…? I wonder when…? It’s going to be fine.”   Once she was done, I wiped that yucky gel off my neck and headed to work.  This is not going to get me down.

I got to work a little earlier than I had anticipated and had an overwhelming urge to write for a few minutes.  That helps me to get more centered.  So I pulled into a parking spot in an area that I never park in.  When I looked up I could not believe what I saw in front of the exact spot that I parked in…

                                                Purple Ribbon

The purple ribbon is the one for thyroid cancer!  What are the odds of a random purple ribbon being tied around a tree in that spot on that day that I just came back from the thyroid ultrasound?  What a powerful moment that was for me.  On my way to work I had started to worry about that lymph node area and felt the fear take over along with the obsessive negative thoughts.  This is what creates and feeds cancer.  Those thoughts do not serve me.  So when I saw that purple ribbon, I knew that I was going to make it through whatever whatever comes my way once again.  Power to the purple ribbon and all of the thyroid cancer survivors!