After 18 days on the low-iodine diet, my taste buds were sure looking forward to the freedom of tasting normal food again.  I had been fantasizing about sushi for days and that was my first post-LID meal. 


Little did I know that my taste buds were affected by the radioactive iodine.  Loss of taste? Are you kidding me?  The sushi was good, but not great.  The low iodine diet was already bland enough, but at least I could taste the food then.  What is going on now?

As the days went on, I noticed my sense of taste became worse!  I had the yummy taste of metail in my mouth.  Mmmmm. Mmmmm.  As a bonus, it felt like had burned my tongue.  But the loss of taste was mostly on the front part of my tongue and the soreness was on the back of my tongue.  I had read that this was a possible side effect from the RAI.

So now I’m off the LID.  I can have my cake now and eat it to.  I just can’t really taste it!