There is an invisible three foot barrier around me for days to come.  It is to keep others out of harm’s way from the radiation.  So here I am at home thinking about my life.  So many people have told me write a book over the years.  I plan to one day. 

So many storms have come and gone, but I never gave up.  I’m aware of my purpose and will continue to welcome the experiences good and bad to come my way.  Because there are lessons in each one to be learned. 

As I sit and think about my life;  the pain, the joy, the love, the loss, I can feel my eyes start to well up with tears.  Then I remember to be careful where they fall.  My tears are radioactive today.  Some might think that they are tears of saddness and a few years ago they would have been.  But these days I cry tears of joy and gratitude.  These tears are from being overwhelmed with all that has touched my spirit.  For I am alive.  I did it again.  I surrendered to the fight.  I’m a cancer survivor!